Loop Liquid Cool Technology for Phones introduce By Xiaomi

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Xiaomi Friday, November 5 announces a new technology called Loop Liquidcool. This will ensure the efficient cooling of processors of smartphones. The heat wastage method introduced by the Chinese smartphone giant claims that the hot air and cold separate liquid circulation that reduces low heat conference issues on mobile phones.

Inspired by cooling systems used in aerospace technologies, loop liquid cool technology is a new look on the traditional vapor chamber.


It works on the basis of the capillary effect. That pulls liquid cooling agents towards the heat source, evaporates. Then spreads the heat towards a cold area. The company plans to pack loop liquid cool technology into its smartphone in the second half of 2022.

Xiaomi – Loop Liquid Cool Technology Process

Xiaomi performance new loop liquid cool technology through a blog post. The company claims that the new technology provides twice as much cooling capacity as conventional vapor chambers (VC) solutions. Loop liquid cool technology includes a coiled heat pipe system that includes an evaporator, a condenser, a refill chamber, gas, and liquid pipes.

When there is an important workload for the smartphone, the refrigerator of the evaporator evaporates to become gas. Gas and airflow then spread to the condenser where the gas further condenses into the liquid. These fluids are absorbed and collected through small fibers in the refill chamber, making it a self-sufficient system.

Xiaomi says the new technology uses the same way as liquid cooling VC. Nevertheless, traditional VC systems do not have separate channels for gases and liquids. In loop liquid cool technology, the pump has a special gas pipe design. It claims to reduce airway resistance by 30 percent and increase heat transfer capacity by 100 percent.

With the tesla valve microstructure, one-way circulation is said to prevent heat from moving backward. Increases the heat wastage capacity of standard vapor chambers.

Xiaomi also replaces the original vapor room with illustrated new loop liquid cool technology solution and new method on custom Xiaomi MIX 4. The company claimed that for the 30-minute Genshin Impact running on 60 frames per second (FPS) and maximum graphics settings. The heating was not more than 47.7 degrees Celsius. The processor was 8.6 degrees Celsius lower than the standard version.


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