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White Hair Problem | Tension and stress | white hair at an early age | 2023

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White Hair Problem | Tension and stress | white hair at an early age

White Hair Problem | Gray Hair Causes In Young Age: Nowadays everywhere you will see such youth and children, whose hair has become gray at a very young age.

Until a few decades ago, the hair of the elderly used to turn white, but at present, this problem is making people a victim at a young age.

This is happening with most of the people and this problem is increasing day by day. Do you know that taking excessive stress and tension can also cause hair to turn white at a young age. You must be surprised to hear, but this thing is completely correct.

Today, we will know from the dermatologist that due to which the hair of youth and children is turning white and how this problem can be avoided.

What do dermatologists say about White Hair Problem?

It is said that in today’s era, the hair of children and youth is rapidly turning white. This problem is called premature graying. The biggest reason for this is Nutritional Deficiency, Chronic Illness in the body of the people.

Apart from this, hair can turn white at an early age due to many reasons. It is most important that you find out the deficiency of hair whitening at the right time and get it treated properly by meeting an expert.

White Hair Problem | Know the reason for hair turning white

Many times, due to thyroid disorder, there is a problem of gray hair in small children and youth. White hair becomes a problem as a side effect of some medicines. Those who do not take a good diet, there may also be a lack of nutrition.

Due to nutritional deficiency, in most of the cases, the hair of young children and young people turns white. Hair can turn white for different reasons in different people, so first of all it is necessary to get the test done after meeting the doctor.

White Hair Problem | Can hair turn white due to tension and stress?

According to dermatologists, due to taking excessive stress and tension, there can also be a problem of hair whitening. If you manage stress and tension, then the hair that has turned white due to tension can turn black again.

Although this does not happen with everyone. Once the hair turns white, it is not possible to darken them as before, but medicines can prevent the rest of the hair from turning white. Everyone should try to manage stress, so that hair problems can be avoided.

White Hair Problem | Can be detected by these tests

According to dermatologists, tests for DSH hormone, thyroid disorder and vitamin B12 deficiency can be done for early graying of hair. Vitamin B12 deficiency can be caused by parasitic infection.

The thing to keep in mind is that tests should be done only after consulting an expert.

White Hair problem | How to avoid the problem of white hair?

To avoid premature greying, all people should take nutritious diet and exercise every day.
Sunlight should be taken in winter so that vitamin D is available and the process of synthesis in the body can be done well.

Scalp massage must be done once a week. This improves micro circulation, blood supply remains in the hair roots. After washing the hair, dry it thoroughly with a towel and use conditioner after shampooing two to three times a week. This will keep the moisture in the hair.

Those who start coloring their hair immediately after turning white or take any heat best treatment, should not do this. This may increase the problem.

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