Drinking Excess water in summer season

People drink more water in the summertime because of  sweating  and more heat

Benefits of drinking proper amount of water

People need to drink plenty of water on a daily basis to stay healthy. Benefits include weight loss, improved skin and avoiding common medical conditions 

Drinking Plenty Of Water

Too much water can cause problems such as dehydration, a feeling of pressure in the brain, and swelling

Excess water can cause overdidration problem

Drinking too much water can cause excess droplet formation in the lungs and can lead to an increased risk of drowning

Excess water consumption can cause bad effects on kidney

This is an issue with some people who over-consume water and end up putting themselves in risk

Salt and Electrolytes may reduce

The human body uses electrolytes to balance its metabolic functions.  Decrease in the amount of these ions leads to electrolyte imbalances and other complications

Head cells can cause swelling, causing headache

Some people suffer from headaches that start to occur when their head cells swell and consequently, irritate the sinuses

Excess water can cause problems of inflammation in cell

Water risks causing inflammation in cells. It should mainly be consumed in moderation.

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