Calcium rich essential foods for kids better growth

Go through these calcium rich foods for your kids

Dairy Products

Dairy products are excellent sources of calcium. They offer a natural alternative to milk that kids love. They contain fats like butter, cheese, and paneer that make them taste good


Keep a portion of your child's meal reserved for fish. While they're an excellent source of calcium, the bones can be challenging to break down. Make sure to remove the bones when serving 


Almonds are a great source of calcium and have been proven to boost memory & brain power. They also contain 110 mg per cup making them one of the best sources of this mineral.


Orange juice provides calcium to your diet and while there is no concern with packaged juice, it is important that the fruit be consumed in its natural state


One cup of peas contains 45 milligrams of calcium. It helps in proper bone growth and development in a child. Peas also contain vitamin K, which helps in maintaining bone mineral density in kids


Kids may not like beans, but that won't stop you feeding them these calcium-rich fruits or veggies. There are several healthy recipes for beans your kids will love


Ragi is a type of cereal grain that is known as one of the best foods for your kids. It has a high dietary calcium content ideal for kids to grow strong bones and develop healthy teeth.


Spinach is a powerful leaf packed with lots of other vital nutrients that provide potential health benefits. There's even more calcium in spinach than there is in milk


The benefits of soy milk are that it is a complete protein source and has healthy calcium in it. Kids who are lactose intolerant can be given this as well.