Udemy Review – Making Money By Selling Courses on UDEMY

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Udemy Review: Introduction

Are you looking for a new way to grow your income? Earning money online is a great place to start. We will do Udemy Review in this blog.

You do not need a domain, hosting, create a Click bank account, upload videos to Amazon. Do any of the tasks associated with an online business.

Many experienced Marketers are making content for popular sites. Like Udemy, Stackskills, ULearning, and Amazing.

You need the following things to start your online course :

1) Computer/Laptop

2) Microphone

3) Screen Recording Software

Recording should be done in a quiet place. Place where you will not get much noise. For successful video creation, good audio is a high priority.

Udemy Review :

Steps in Making, Launching and Promoting Online Learning Course

The following steps will help you in launching your first course. Promoting it to get your first payment.

Step # 1: Creating An Online Learning Course

Course creation depends on identifying a niche. You must know that particular niche to create a course. You must address the issue which target audience is facing. Ask yourself, whether your course is good enough to resolve the problem.

You must do some research work prior to starting the topic of the course. Research leads to finalizing your course topic and content to examine:

  • The Topics and issues which are in demand
  • Learner interviews and surveys
  • Google trends
  • Subject experts

Decide your topic

It’s time to create your course. It involves a tentative outline, scriptwriting, gathering visuals. Media, recording, editing, and more.

The success of your course depends on the inside content of the course. The content should be more valuable and useful to the students who will enroll in the course.

Plan prior to creating your Course. Always concerned with the content of the topic. You should consider the format content and delivery modules.

To start creating a video-based course, you need to choose a topic for your course. If you are not getting potential ideas, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Choose a topic that you know well.
  • Define your goal and determine who your audience is.
  • Brainstorm ideas and flush out all the possible things that you want to include in your course.

Choose Your Content Format

Decide the best medium for your audience. Creating the best course will give you options to create content in a variety of formats. It includes video, PDF files, and “takeaway” material.

Your content should be more dynamic which gives more value to the course and the students.

Here are a few content formats that can offer within your course:

Screen Capture

As an instructor, you should always share your screen with your students. It makes it easier for the instructor to show how to perform a specific task.

You can use different screen capture software. Like Camtasia Studio, Screenflow, CamStudio, or Microsoft Expression.

Audio & Video

Other content available is Audio Video-based training. It gives students to follow along with the instructor by watching the video again and again.


Udemy provides students with video. It has text-based learning by creating a PDF version transcript.

Documents & Downloads

You can offer students to download a variety of documents. Like worksheets, mindmaps, charts, reports, eBooks, lesson plans, cheat sheets, checklists, etc.

Create transcripts, offer “summary sheets” available in PDF format, zip files. It includes more lectures and guides. They serve as auxiliary components for your course.

Live Session Training

The most powerful way to create content is with live session training. You can schedule meetings with all your students. It will have a great impact on the value of the course.

The more you engage with your student in a live session, the more students listen to your points. The student will like this mode by taking courses sitting at home.

Choose a professional image to represent your course. You can use your logo for branding purposes. A graphic artist will develop a custom image (product box, course materials, etc.).

The next step is choosing the right keywords. Keywords will help to target lead potential students to your course. You must put tags with your course description, summary, and headline.

Set a price for your course

Spend some time researching other courses. These are available online. Go through courses prior to deciding the best price structure for your course.

Set price of your course reasonable and within industry standard. It should depend on the actual course materials included with the scope and quality. Don’t lower your course price.


30+ minutes                             Free

1-2 hours                          $49 – $79

2+ hours                          $79 – $199

Step # 2: Select a selling platform

You need a platform where you will host, deliver and sell your course to the end-users. These platforms manage everything like developing a course, promotion, payment processing, and more.

There are several selling platforms available to choose from. Popular platforms are Udemy, Skillshare, Stackskills, ULearning, and Amazing.

Udemy Review: Which Are Some Of The Best Online Course Platforms?


It is an online learning platform. It offers many features, tools, and themes to get your eLearning courses up and running.

Udemy is a solution for individuals new to teaching, creating, and selling eLearning. It gives course selling options and it’s free. This is the Google of the online course marketplaces. It’s the largest and most popular.


Skillshare is one of the places to start as they let you upload individual lessons. Each lecture has to be a minimum of 10 minutes.


It is a large platform that offers a wide reach. It can promote your courses out to their massive audience. Promote courses as bundles. You will have a few courses ready. Put together these courses prior to reaching them.


This is a new platform. It’s like Udemy and makes it easy to upload and publish content. The reach of this platform is very limited as it is recently launched.


This is a newer platform launched by Matt Clark. He is behind the successful Amazing Selling Machine. This is a unique hybrid platform between Skillshare and Udemy.

Choosing the right course selling platform

Answer the following questions to choose the right selling platform. The answer will make it easy for you to decide.

  • Do you want to launch your course ASAP?
  • Are you ready to give your precious time in dealing with a complex platform?
  • Get a customized marketplace site?
  • Are you going to create engaging interactive courses or simple courses?
  • Did you have a website?
  • Do you want to integrate it with your marketplace for a seamless brand experience?
  • Did you need access sales to funnel tools to capture more leads and prospects?
  • Do you want to get all the details about users’ learning activities?
  • Do you want to see how they like your course and if it should improve?

Step # 3: Promoting your course

Your online course is now ready to launch. The next and final step is to start promoting the course through various channels.

Social Media

You can promote your Udemy course through different social media networks. It includes Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many more…

Be specific about your course content. Provide a special discount code available for a limited time.

Tip: Create a page about your course on Facebook & Pinterest. It will gain instant ranking in the search engines.


There are different active community forums available on the internet. Put a link to your course in these communities.

You can buy forum advertising like banners, ad boxes. Give special discounts through discount codes to the members of the community. You can place a link to download course materials.

Authority Blogs

Look out for authority blogs and websites. These can post a link to your course in their respective blogs and website.

Video Channels

You can promote your Udemy videos to different video channels like YouTube. Add a Link to your course in the comment sections.

Paid Advertising

Buy ads in relevant newsletters, banner ads, forum ads. Set up a PPC marketing campaign with Google Ad words or Facebook.

Step # 4: Automate

As the course starts selling then you create more courses. It will grow your business and make more money. It is essential to automate course marketing and selling. Focus on building new courses. You can do these processes on autopilot for some platforms.

Example: iSpring Market has integration with Zapier. It lets you connect your marketplace with many other applications. It allows automating the entire workflow.

You can add students to your marketing campaign. Enroll new buyers in your course. Send email messages to the visitors based on their actions.

Udemy Review: Introduction To Udemy

What is Udemy?

Udemy Review

Udemy is an online learning tool for users all over the world. It is a collection of approx. 100,000 classes. Udemy authorizes the instructors to create and record courses. They can sell them to interested students of all ages.

Udemy is a great platform for people who are looking to earn extra income. Udemy is a great tool for people who are experts in their field or have expertise in a specific niche. You can generate income by creating and selling online courses.

Anyone who wants to make teaching a career option will create a course for students at Udemy. They don’t need prior teaching experience.

When you sign up at Udemy, it will ask you about your experience & your comfort level with video. It can ask about your established audience, etc.

Udemy is a full-featured community. It makes anyone give online training on a single online learning platform. Udemy makes learning fun. It makes teaching profitable.

Before we generate income with Udemy, here are a few quick facts about UDEMY:

  • Udemy was introduced in 2010.
  • It is one of the leading online education communities for students and teachers.
  • You can become an expert in your field by giving creating valuable content.
  • Udemy trainers are creating their online course, you will enjoy instant authority.
  • You can join as a participant or as a trainer.
  • You will have 70% revenue generated from your online course!

Udemy Review – Why Udemy?

Udemy is a medium that lets you create online courses through quality content. It is like YouTube. Here videos are structured  Courses. They sell these videos at a better price.

As your course gets sold, you get half of the royalties. Udemy took half for promoting your courses.

You can market your courses and use referral links. You can get 100% of the profit from each sale.

Make Multiple Courses

Always try to make many courses on Udemy. All successful instructors create different courses. It helps to reach the vast majority of the audience.

Online learning course creation is a process, not a one-off event.

Your first video may not be the best one. Try creating courses and never give up on the first or second attempt. This is a long-term process like blogging, business, etc.

Collect Email Addresses

Your paid courses on Udemy are not sold if you don’t have buyers. The best way to promote paid courses is through your email list.

Create and manage your email list. Email marketing is very important in promoting your courses. If you are collecting email addresses, you need to work on increasing conversions.


Start a YouTube channel and post your tutorials. Check the feedback from YouTube users. This is excellent audience research for Udemy.

If you are on Udemy, you need to add 20-30% of your paid courses for free on YouTube. YouTube videos are one of the great promotions for your courses.

You can add a discount coupon in the first line of the video description. You will get sales from promoting videos.

Udemy Review – How To Make Money With Udemy

Udemy is a platform where you earn while sharing information with other people. You do not need to be a trained teacher, professor, or educator to create online courses on Udemy.

If you have knowledge that can share with other people. People are willing to pay. Udemy is the best place to work. You can start making money at no cost to yourself.

Consider the different topics around you that you know a lot about.


  • Are you proficient with programming PHP?
  • Do you know how to customize Word Press themes?
  • Are you experienced with website development?
  • Do you know a lot about ANY specific business-related topic?
  • Do you have a hobby that you are obsessed with?

We can all find something worthy of teaching. Something we know enough that can share with others.

Whether people will pay for that information is a different story. You will surprise to know that how many unusual courses are generating good income on Udemy.

Here are a few top-selling courses for inspiration:

  • Microsoft Excel for Beginners
  • How to develop an iPad application
  • Become a web developer from scratch!
  • CSS for Beginners

Udemy online learning courses are profitable. You should consider different topics on which you can create videos. Structure those videos into a Udemy based course.

Use of Udemy Coupon Codes

Udemy Review

The use of coupon codes is a perfect way to promote your courses on Udemy. It’s not only Udemy who give discounts on courses. You can give a discount to your students.

This is a powerful Udemy tool. The coupons can be free or at a discounted price. The coupon should have a specified expiry date. You should offer these coupons to the audience for a limited period. You can promote your products with these coupons on social media, email, blogs, etc.

Optimizing Your Course For Maximum Exposure

To make money on Udemy, you need more students who enroll in your courses. Following are some of the easy way to get some quality followers to your course:

  • What makes your course different from others available on Udemy?
  • Why should someone choose your course over other?
  • Focus on injecting your course title with motivating, action-driven keywords.
  • Avoid the over-use of exclamation marks. Use it when necessary.

Your course should have a summary. Make it short and to the point. Emphasize key points and important highlights available in your training.

Udemy Review – What sort of Courses makes money on Udemy?

The length of all your course videos should be 4-5 minutes. Online videos should focus more on performing a task to solve the problem.

At the start of the video, you should explain what you are going to discuss in this video. The end part will cover up all the topics discussed in the video.

You should place your logo and web address at the start and end of the video. It should have all your contact information. Do not mention Udemy’s name, Course name, or anything else.

This way you can publish videos to other platforms as well. Avoid PowerPoint slides in preparing your online course. Reading slides are not good enough.

If you are making slides, then it should be attractive. Change them often. Audio should be there in PowerPoint slides.

What sort of courses should you create?

You should create content on the subject that you know well. The content should be of high quality. The more benefit you give to the students, the better it will sell.

Career skill courses like Excel, Photoshop, Web Design, Web Development are in demand. Soft skills courses like Management, leadership, etc. are not that much in demand.

This does not mean that only technical courses will sell. If your content is high quality then proper planning and promotion will help in selling it.

There are some successful courses at Udemy on Yoga and Cookery. You must add some value to the content and leave it to the final audience with proper promotion.

The Anatomy of a Udemy Course

You should take courses for the students in which you will take them through a process. At its conclusion, it will give them benefit with skill.

In making a video, an introductory and concluding part should add to the course video. Always divide your videos into different sections. There should be an introductory and concluding video of 1-2 minutes in every section of the video.

Udemy Review – 5 Tips for Making Money on Udemy

Making courses on Udemy might be not a much-complicated task. It is not easy to convert these courses in money. Udemy is a good source of extra income.

Following tips will help in making money on Udemy:

1. Use Udemy Resources

Udemy always publishes free resources for instructors. These resources are for beginners and seasoned instructors. It is a guide for instructors who are creating courses. It helps in creating a video, building an audience, and using the video.

You can upload your test video. Receive feedback from Udemy experts on your performance. You can rectify mistakes if any in future videos. The community section helps instructors to learn different techniques shared by other instructors.

2. Focus on your most in-demand skills

If you have a doubt in choosing a topic, always focus on your most in-demand skills. It will help in finding and reaching the audience for your courses.

If you are an expert in your field, then you might already have a course worth teaching.

3. Invest in good equipment

You should always update yourself with the latest technology and gadgets. You invest some part of your earnings in buying good gadgets and instruments. It will improve the quality of your course.

4. Script your course

Most of the instructors use a casual approach while designing courses. They do not follow a script which is not a good practice.

The course is not a simple video like YouTube. Students are paying money for these courses. They are expecting a polished and professional course.

Prior to making courses, always write a script for your course. Stick to the script during the course-making process. It prevents you from going off the target making your course more engaging and focused.

5. Give away your knowledge

One of the mistakes done by many instructors is that they are afraid of sharing too much information. They hold back some of the secrets of the course. It makes the course not effective. Resulting in fewer students enrolling for the course.

It is important to share your secrets for success to make your courses valuable and useful.


A good content writer reaches the target market. Creating and selling online courses can be quite lucrative. With existing modern platforms, you can develop and launch your course. Start making money right away.  To enroll in Udemy or to buy any product, click on the below buy now button.


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