Twitter now allows you to hear spaces without an account

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Twitter Spaces With a new feature

Twitter Spaces is getting a new feature that allows everyone to listen to Spaces audio directly through the link. With the latest feature, users can share direct links of their space with others. Inviters can participate in audio sessions through the web without logging into the platform.


With the new update, people without a Twitter account can also access space audio. However, they will not be able to participate in audio broadcasting. The latest functionality will open up the Twitter space to more people. Recently, Spaces began supporting all Android and iOS users to host live audio sessions.

NS vacancy about the new update the team tweeted on Friday, November 5. With the new feature, listeners and hosts can reach wide audiences. They can send a direct link to the space audio broadcast. People who do not have an account on Twitter can also listen to it on the web version without logging on to the platform.

The micro-blogging platform is adding new functionality to the space that rivals clubhouses and Facebook’s live audio room. Recently Spaces rolled up the ability to build your own chat room for everyone on iOS and Android.

Initially, Twitter starts rolling out space in late 2020. Users who had more than 600 followers on their platform could host space. All users, despite the number of followers, can now create public and private audio chat rooms on Twitter. Spaces can have a maximum of 11 speakers at a time.

Twitter updated its location in September this year with recording and replay features. It allows people to listen even after the Spaces are over. However, some features on Spaces are currently limited to Spaces mobile app.


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