This Is How You Should Hold A Submarine Sandwich, Confirms Subway

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How do you hold a large sandwich? Have you ever managed to have it all without greasing your hands? Well, those of you, who are still struggling to get it right must take a look at this post by YouTuber Ranboo. He has highlighted the issue of how to hold a submarine sandwich in a recent Twitter post. The blogger shared an image of himself holding a large submarine sandwich, commonly known as “sub”, with both hands. The hilarious post went viral in no time, garnering over 180k likes and thousands of comments. Take a look and see for yourself:

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Reacting to the snap, many users said he was holding it “like a gun” or “like a baby”. But Ranboo said he was not  “wrong here” and asked how else he should hold a foot-long sandwich. As the conversation got a little interesting, fast-food restaurant franchise Subway too joined it.

“Just chiming in here… That’s exactly how you hold a Sub,” said SubwayUK.

A Twitter user then thanked Subway for validating how its sub should be held.

Earlier, Ranboo also addressed the queries why he could not get a bag from the restaurant to keep his sandwich. The content creator said, “They didn’t have bags”.

Another shared a screenshot of two comments that said Ranboo was holding the sandwich “like a baby” and “like a gun”.

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That debate is unlikely to be settled just yet, despite Subway itself saying Ranboo’s was a nice way to hold a large sandwich. If all this chatter about submarine sandwiches has got you hungry, here’s how you can make the delicious treat at home and splash the variety of ingredients in it all over your hands. You will need a type of bread called Italian roll, but if that is not available use any bread of cylindrical shape. A foot-long or a sub is typically filled with various meats, cheeses, vegetables, and condiments. Check this complete recipe here.

What did you think of the Subway sandwich Twitter discussion? Tell us in the comments.


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