Super 12s of T20 World Cup: Looking forward to compete against big sides

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Namibia made history on Friday by qualifying for the Super 12s in their first T20 World Cup, but coach Pierre De Bruyn said his team isn’t done yet. Promising a tough performance against big sides like India, Pakistan, and New Zealand.

Namibia qualified for the Super 12s by defeating Ireland in their final group match on Friday.

“Yeah, look, it’s time for us to reflect and also enjoy this moment. But we certainly didn’t come here just to go and lie down now,” de Bruyn said.

Facing India, Pakistan, New Zealand going to be a great experience in Super 12s

“Facing India, Pakistan, New Zealand, those types of teams is going to be a great experience for these players. But you know, we want to be competitive in whatever we do, with the ball, bat, in the field. The way we present ourselves, the way — we’re going to compete. so we’re looking forward to that.”

It is a huge feat for Namibia, a small country with a population of about 25 lakh people. The team, on the other hand, has shown what it can accomplish even with little resources.

“We’ve made history now, advancing to the Super 12. First time ever we’re going to play against these guys in a T20 World Cup. We are going to enjoy the next 24 hours or so. Then we’re going to sit down as a group again and we’re going to put some goals on the table,” said de Bruyn.

Asked about the historic achievement, the coach said: “Yes, we have. In April 2019, that’s when we qualified and got our ODI status. That made a big difference. I had three contracts, full-time contracted players. That allowed me to get 16 full-time contracted players. Just that ODI status, and gave us the opportunity to build.

“But when it comes to the normal resources if you measure yourself against full members. We’re way off in terms of our facilities, full-time coaches, full-time SNCs, doctors, all of that. But we’ve got a saying that we’ve got to find a way.”

De Bruyn feels it is important to seize opportunities on the large stage.

“As a coach myself, I’ve really made sure that the players and us as a group. We just use our opportunities. We don’t have everything. But these times like we’re sitting here winning a cricket game knowing that we’re going to the next World Cup.

“We know financially it makes a difference and we can upscale and we can invest a little bit more in our resources,” he added.

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