Elon Musk company Starlink is offering jobs in India

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Elon Musk company Starlink is offering jobs in India. It is a satellite internet company starting in India.Complete information on the process of posting and applying

Starlink, An Elon Musk company offering jobs in India. The company shares information on LinkedIn. Starlink Country Director India at SpaceX, Mr. Sanjay Bhardwaj wrote that they are happy to share the news that we are looking for two Rockstars for India. Eligible candidates can send their resumes. The company is the satellite internet division of Musk’s rocket company SpaceX.

He wrote that it is a small step towards accelerating the transformation that happens in rural India. Job opportunities will open up as we move forward till the time we get the license commercially. We have to wait for that thing to happen.

Starlink vacancy details

Post Name: Executive Assistant, India

Responsibility: Meeting coordination, calendar management, appointment making, travel schedule arranging, event arranging, agenda preparation, and other support for one or more C-Level officers as needed. You need to record and deliver all legal documents and reply to mail and customer correspondence on time. You have to represent SpaceX at meetings and other social events.

Qualification: Graduation degree. The candidate must have 3 plus years of experience at an executive level. Experience with MS Office applications and project management software tools. The applicant has to be an Indian citizen and the current location should be India.

Skills and Experience: High-level executive experience in a high-speed start-up environment. Have complete knowledge about computers. Must have experience in project scope development. Experience in project schedule management. Communication skills should be strong along with problem-solving skills.

For further information on the Executive Assistant of India opening and to apply click here.

For the post of Director Offer Ruler Transformation, click here to apply.

When will satellite internet launch in India?

Starlink’s satellite internet will start in India next year. The approval process from the regulator is going on. As per the company’s official website, pre-booking starts at $ 99, i.e. around Rs 7,200. This is a fully refundable amount.

Musk was asked by a Twitter handle OnsetDigital (@Tryonset) a few days back. When will the company launch its services? Musk reply back that ‘the approval process from the regulator is going on.’ It is very clear that India will get high-speed internet from satellites soon. It is currently available in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada, Chile, Portugal, USA. Currently, Starlink Broadband has 90 thousand subscribers worldwide.



How Much will be the speed of satellite internet?

Starlink Satellite Internet is currently in beta (testing) version. The download speed ranges between 50 Mbps to 150 Mbps. 20 milliseconds to 40 milliseconds taken by this low-latency internet service. Time taken to transfer data from one point to another is termed Latency.

Speed test Intelligence numbers show that Starlink satellite broadband is offering 97.23 Mbps download speed and13.89 Mbps upload speed in the US. In the US, wired broadband average download speed is around 115.22 Mbps, and the upload speed is around 17.18 Mbps.

The US Air Force getting speed of 600 Mbps using Starlink. It’s still not clear whether the infrastructure for the common people will be able to provide internet services at such high speed. Satellites for Starlink is set up by Musk’s space research agency SpaceX. It said that customers can expect speeds of 50 to 150 Mbps.

Starlink satellite broadband speeds reach the same speed as wired broadband in many countries. This was confirmed by Ookla, the maker of the Speed test app. In some countries, it has been left behind wired broadband at the same time.


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