Planning To Buy The Honda CB350RS? Here Are The Pros And Cons

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Bold and aggressive with a retro touch, the Honda CB350RS looks fantastic and rides well too. Before you buy one, do check out our pros and cons list to help you decide better.

The Honda CB350RS is the sportier alternative to the CB350 H'ness CB350

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The Honda CB350RS is the sportier alternative to the CB350 H’ness CB350

The Honda CB350RS arrived last year and is the slightly more modern take on the H’ness CB350. It offers just the right amount of sportiness while retaining the retro quotient borrowed from Honda roadsters of the 1970s and ’80s. It’s also quite urban in appeal, while the fantastic motor makes for an excellent package. For those looking in the modern-classic space, the Honda CB350RS becomes a viable option. But before you head to the dealership to book one, here are some pros and cons to help you buy better.


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The Honda CB350RS gets more vibrant colours while the chrome detailing is kept to a minimum


    1. The Honda CB350RS is more youthful and many will find it better looking than the traditional H’ness CB350 as well. What works is the minimal chrome detailing as well as the fatter tyres with the block tread pattern and bash plate. The bike also comes with bolder dual-tone colours that further add to the good looks.


    1. The CB350RS carries over quite a bit from the H’ness. This includes the refined 349 cc single-cylinder motor as well as features such as the Honda selectable torque control system, dual-channel ABS and side-stand engine cut-off.


    1. The Honda CB350RS offers linear performance and the motorcycle can cruise easily between 90-100 kmph. It’s also a quick bike when it comes to direction changes, while the ride quality is impressively balanced.


    1. The gear shifts are smooth and the clutch is light that further making the riding experience even better.


    1. The CB350RS gets a competitive price at ₹ 2 lakh (ex-showroom) for the dual-tone variant when compared to the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 in the segment.



The CB350RS uses a 349 cc engine that is smooth and gets a nice exhaust note too


    1. The fact that Honda chooses to sell the CB350 range from only the BigWing dealerships makes for limited accessibility. The Honda BigWing dealerships are restricted in number, which means you will need to locate one closest to you to bring one home.


    1. The CB350RS carries over some of the ergonomic flaws from the H’ness CB350. This includes the odd placement of switchgear. The horn and turn indicator switch positioning has been interchanged and that gets difficult to adapt to.


    1. Even the rearview mirrors are oddly positioned and make setting them up to your liking all the more difficult.


    1. The CB350RS misses out on the Bluetooth connectivity which should’ve been offered as an optional fitment.


    1. While the motor is peppy, you need to work the gears when it comes to overtakes and the lack of bottom-end power is noticeable.


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