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Parents Divorce | Best Advice in Divorce of parents | Triggers children’s mental health

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Parents Divorce | Best Advice in Divorce of parents | Triggers children’s mental health

Parents Divorce | Kids Mental Health During Divorce: In this run-of-the-mill life, the definition of relationships has also changed rapidly in the last few times. Earlier, where people used to give more importance to their relationships than work, today the responsibility of work has increased so much that there is hardly any time left for relationships.

Family relationships have also started to look very weak these days. Divorce cases have also increased a lot in the last few years. Divorce not only breaks the parent-child relationship, but it also badly affects the children. The separation between the parents makes them mentally weak, which also affects their growth.

If there is a divorce between the parents, then how can the children be saved from that difficult situation so that they remain normal like other children? Marriage Counselor & Parenting Expert Dr. Geetanjali Sharma, DGS Counseling Solutions talked to.

Dr. Geetanjali said that due to his young age, the child does not understand the conflict between the parents and when the house breaks down, it has a negative impact on him. Let us know how these things affect the child and what should be done to protect them from it.

Children can go into depression | Parents Divorce

Parents are everything for a child. He feels safe with them. But, when the parents get divorced and he is given the option to live with one of them, then he does not understand the situation and this condition has a direct effect on the mind. Sometimes it is so fatal that children can also become victims of depression and anxiety.

Children can be victims of inferiority complex | Parents Divorce

Due to divorce between the parents, many times the children become victims of inferiority complex. He starts staying away from friends and society. He is afraid that other people will say bad things to him and due to this fear he starts trying to stay aloof. Absence of parents makes him feel left out.

Parents Divorce | How to improve child mental health?

Get child counseling done

Dr. Geetanjali told that whenever there is a divorce between the parents, it is very important that the counseling of the children should be done so that the children can share their feelings. Along with this, it is necessary to give safety to the child as much as possible. According to the marriage counsel, it is necessary for couples that if they cannot remain husband and wife, then a parent must remain.

Do not instigate the child against each other

Many times it is seen that in the event of divorce, the child is given the option of living together with the parents, in which case the mother or the father starts instigating the child against each other and this thing has a bad effect on the child. Due to this the child can misunderstand his own parents. Keeping in mind the future of the children, one should try to give them good parenting.

Assure the love of parents

Divorce between parents is not easy for children. This affects the child the most, he has to choose one, in such a situation, it is important that the parents assure him that we are definitely separating, but we will always support you as both parents and Will always love you.

Give time to children

There are many such cases of divorce in which the age of the child is very less. The child does not understand the divorce and the conflict between the parents and because of this he gets upset when he sees the parents fighting or separating.

In such a situation, it is necessary that the parents talk to the children and give them time to understand all this. Never put the burden of your feelings on children.

Talk about the reasons for divorce

Many parents take divorce but they do not think about its effect on the children. Parents should meet and talk to the child and explain to him the reasons for the divorce, but he will always be with him. Many times the children are not told the right reason and the children consider themselves to be the reason for the divorce. It is necessary to save children from this thinking.

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