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New Year 2023 Health Resolution: Want to stay fit and healthy throughout the years

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New Year 2023 Health Resolution: Want to stay fit and healthy throughout the years

New Year 2023 Health Resolution: The New year 2023 has started. For the last two years, people have become very cautious about their health due to Corona. People have started paying a lot of attention to their immunity, mental and physical fitness.

Every year people also take some resolution related to health on the new year, so that they can keep themselves fit.

Many people take weight loss resolution to reduce weight, but are unable to complete it. If you want to protect yourself from Corona, then you have to make some promises to yourself that you will take full care of your health.

If you did not take any health resolution last year and want to take health resolution this year, then here we are telling you about some New Year 2023 Health Resolution (Health Resolution) by adopting which you can remain healthy and fit throughout the year.

Take this New Year 2023 Health Resolution

Keep yourself stress-free

Last year you were under stress due to Corona or because of your professional and personal life, do not do this at all this year. This year you have to try your best to stay free from stress.

The more you remain under stress, the more your physical and mental health will be affected negatively. In such a situation, make a promise to yourself from today itself that you will not harm your health due to mental problems like anxiety, stress, depression etc.

Will not follow fad diet | New Year 2023 Health Resolution

To control their weight, people start following different diets without consulting experts, which has a negative effect on their health. If you have also done this mistake last year, then do not do it this year at all. Nowadays people follow fad diet for weight loss, you should not follow this diet.

Fat diets work well in the beginning, but following it for a long time can cause deficiency of many nutrients in your body. Due to this, instead of being healthy, you can fall ill. Fad diets can lead to physical weakness, dehydration and even mood related problems.

It is important to include fiber, protein and other essential nutrients in your diet. Exercise regularly, so that the weight can be under control.

Stay physically active | New Year 2023 Health Resolution

If you want mental peace this year, then promise yourself that you will definitely do yoga and exercise everyday. To keep yourself physically fit, you must do meditation and yoga regularly for half an hour. Your mood can be improved through yoga and meditation.

By doing yoga and exercise, you can also avoid many types of chronic diseases. Make a promise to yourself that this year you will definitely do 15 to 30 minutes of exercise every day.

Will reduce screen time | New Year 2023 Health Resolution

Nowadays whoever you see keeps his eyes fixed on mobile, TV, laptop for hours. Neither worrying about eating nor worrying about sleeping properly. Some people do not keep the mobile, laptop closed even after finishing the work, but keep on doing the same.

You don’t do this. Do not keep laptop or any gadgets together in your room while sleeping at night. Do not use mobile till 12 midnight. By doing this you will be able to keep your eyes healthy.

The habit of staying awake till late night will also not develop. With this, you will be able to wake up in a fresh mood in the morning.

Healthy lifestyle will follow

This year you will try to follow a healthy lifestyle. Will eat on time, sleep and wake up on time. Stop yourself from eating too much outside. Will eat home food and will never skip breakfast. If you do this for the whole year, then you will be able to stay completely fit.

You can also adopt your hobbies like walking, gardening, writing, sketching etc. This will make you feel mentally relaxed and satisfied. Diseases like stress, depression, anxiety etc. will not surround you.

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