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Make elderly people exercise daily in winter, lukewarm water

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Make elderly people exercise daily in winter, lukewarm water

Make elderly people exercise | Tips For Taking Care Of Elderly In Winter: It is getting cold in North India at this time. Outbreak of cold wave is being seen in many places. Due to low temperature in winter, people with weak immunity have to face the most problems.

There is a need to take special care of the elderly in this season. Due to extreme cold, the body heat of older people starts decreasing rapidly and they may have to face many problems including hypothermia, heart attack, kidney problem, liver damage and arthritis.

To avoid these, the elderly need special care. Today we will tell you how to take care of the elderly in winter.

Elderly people exercise |Take care of elders like this in winter

Do not let out of the house | Elderly people exercise

The temperature outside the house becomes very low in winter, so elderly people should be kept inside the house. It is better to get out with full safety when needed. Staying outside for a long time in extreme cold can be dangerous for the elderly. So don’t leave them out for long.

Keep the room warm | Elderly people exercise

In the winter season, the temperature inside the house also decreases and this can cause problems to the elderly. To avoid this, one should try to keep the room warm. You can use room heaters carefully to maintain the room temperature. Keep the windows and gates of the room closed, so that the room remains warm for a long time.

Wear warm clothes properly

To avoid cold, the elderly should wear warm clothes. You can make a safety layer by wearing two or three clothes instead of one thick cloth.

This will give them relief from cold and also reduce the risk of diseases. Keep in mind that while going out, wear some extra clothes so that the cold does not affect their health much.

Do exercise | Elderly people exercise

It is very important to keep the elderly physically active every day in winter. Due to this, heat will remain in their body and the risk of diseases will also reduce. Although doing exercise in the afternoon can prove to be more beneficial because the weather is very cold in the morning and evening.

By doing walk, yoga and other physical activities, health gets many benefits and immunity gets boosted. Indoor activities can also be done instead of outdoor.

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Give healthy and vitamin C rich diet

There is a need to take a lot of care of food and drink in winter. Healthy and vitamin C rich diet should be taken in this season. Due to this, the immunity of elderly people will remain strong and the effect of weather on their health will be less.

The elderly should also include basil, giloy, black pepper, raw turmeric, ashwagandha and honey in the diet. All these things are very beneficial for health.

Also, make sure to drink sufficient amount of water every day, so that they remain hydrated and there is no problem of dryness. The water should be slightly warm i.e. lukewarm.

Take care of medicines

In the winter season, if the elderly are taking medicines for any disease, then give their medicines on time and do not be negligent in this. If there is any kind of problem, immediately take it to the doctor and get a health checkup done.

The problems of diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid, memory problems and arthritis increase in winter. Special care is needed to prevent these diseases. You can take care of the elderly by taking the advice of a doctor in this regard.

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