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Low BP : What should be the lower blood pressure, where you have low BP

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Low BP : What should be the lower blood pressure, where you have low BP

Low BP | Normal range of diastolic blood pressure| Heartbeat means life. The heartbeat stopped that the cord of breath broke and life ended at the same moment.

How important the heart is for us, it can be understood from this, but the pure blood from the heart reaches the whole body and how much blood comes out from there on the arteries.

It is also important to know that it affects. If there is a problem in this, then there is high blood pressure and low blood pressure. Blood pressure means the pressure on the heart or heart and arteries.

Heart is a pumping machine that transports pure blood to all parts of the body and then blood from each part of the body reaches the heart. This work is done only through blood pressure.

In medical language, it is called systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure. The upper one is called systolic and the lower one is called diastolic pressure. Systolic blood pressure refers to the pressure exerted by the blood on the walls of the arteries when the heart beats.

On the other hand, systolic blood pressure reflects the pressure exerted on the walls of the arteries when the heart relaxes and the blood reaches the heart. In this, it is important to know what should be the normal systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Generally, people pay attention to the upper blood pressure and ignore the lower blood pressure, but whether it is high BP or low BP, there is danger in both the situations.

Low BP | What should be the lower blood pressure range

what is dangerously low blood pressure?
Low BP : What should be the lower blood pressure, where you have low BP 1

According to the American Heart Association has set a range of 5 types of blood pressure for high BP. It describes the range of normal blood pressure range, elevated blood pressure range, hypertension stage 1, hypertension stage 2 and hypertensive crisis.

The upper blood pressure i.e systolic blood pressure should not be more than 120. Similarly, the lower blood pressure should not be below 80. If the lower blood pressure comes below 80, it means that there is a problem in reaching the blood to all parts of the body.

This can also cause problems up to heart attack, stroke and kidney failure. If the upper blood pressure has reached 90 and the lower one has reached 60, then it means that it is a disease of low blood pressure.

Normal Blood Pressure Chart | Low BP

Normal adult                    Upper BP        Lower BP

  • Normal                                      120                         80
  • Elevated                                    120-129             Below 80
  • High BP Stage 1                         130-139                 80-89
  • High BP Stage 2                        More than 140      More than 90
  • Hypertensive crisis                    More than 180      More than 120

Low BP | Symptoms of low blood pressure

According to British government health Website, the low blood pressure is called hypo tension. When the reading of blood pressure comes below 90/60 i.e. the upper one is 90 and the lower one is 60, then it is a disease of low blood pressure.

However, blood pressure can be low in the elderly, in pregnant women, in some diseases like diabetes and also due to the effect of some medicines. For this, consultation with the doctor is necessary so that the actual detection of low blood pressure can be done.

However, if there is low blood pressure, then the blood does not reach all the parts of the body properly. If someone has low blood pressure, then there is a feeling of lightness in the body and dizziness always occurs.

On the other hand, feeling sick, having trouble seeing, feeling weak, being in a state of confusion and fainting are the symptoms of low blood pressure.

For this, the doctor changes the dosage of the medicine. Also asked to wear supporting stocks to increase blood pressure. Blood pressure is increased by some medicines.

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