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Lemon-coffee magic drink with hot water for Best weight loss

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Lemon-coffee magic drink with hot water for weight loss

Lemon-coffee magic drink | Truth of Magic drinks for weight loss : Today’s era is of social media. In this era of info pandemic, it has become very difficult to judge which information is correct and which is wrong. In this episode, health related knowledge is often being distributed on social media.

It is said that this is the magic drink to reduce obesity. But reducing obesity is a challenge. In such a situation, mixing lemon coffee with hot water is being told as a surefire way to lose weight. Although what is the logic behind it, it is not told in the post.

Till now there is no such evidence or any study which has claimed that lemon coffee with hot water eliminates obesity. To lose weight, it is necessary to follow many things strictly for months, in which it is necessary to have the right diet, right time and right exercise, physical activity, hydration and healthy sleep pattern.

By the way, if we talk about lemon-water and coffee alone, then both these drinks have many benefits.

Lemon-coffee magic drink | Benefits of lemon water

So can lemon-coffee with hot water help you lose weight? It will depend on many things, but there is no such thing as magic. Because for this many strict rules have to be followed. Whether it is lemon water, whether it is cold or hot, if we talk about it alone, then it is beneficial for health in many ways.

Actually, the calories in lemon water are very less. Compared to high calorie drinks like fruit juices, carbonated drinks and sweetened shakes, lemon water contains fewer calories which can help in weight loss.

Lemon-water can help in keeping the body hydrated. Staying well hydrated can help reduce water retention in the body and thus prevent bloating and puffiness.

Lemon-coffee magic drink | Lemon water boosts metabolism

Metabolism is boosted by lemon water. That is, sufficient water increases the function of mitochondria. Mitochondria is called the powerhouse of cells which boosts metabolism. This brings energy to the body but does not increase weight.

Lemon water is beneficial in many ways, from promoting hydration to reducing appetite. All these benefits come from its main ingredient – ​​water.

However, there are some additional nutrients from lemon juice, such as vitamin C and antioxidants, which help in weight loss to some extent.

Lemon-coffee magic drink | Benefits of coffee

Coffee contains many bio-active substances like caffeine, theobromine, theophylline and chlorogenic acid which releases epinephrine hormone which can help break down fat tissue. Caffeine can also increase the rate of resting metabolism, which means it helps burn calories.

At the same time, caffeine reduces the level of hunger-increasing hormone ghrelin, which reduces appetite. However, over time the body becomes desensitized to the effects of caffeine.

Therefore, drinking coffee or other caffeinated beverages in the long term becomes ineffective and weakens the weight loss strategy. This means that most people drink coffee frequently, their body becomes resistant to the properties already present in coffee.

Lemon-coffee magic drink | Magic drink doesn’t reduce weight

According to experts, coffee and lemon water can be helpful in reducing weight if seen from different points of view, but there is no guarantee that it will reduce weight because many things have to be followed to reduce weight.

Anyway, lemon and tea and lemon and coffee together will taste very tasteless. People will not even like to drink it. That’s why there are many types of bags in fabricated stories which have no head and feet. So definitely lemon coffee with hot water is not drinkable.


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