Kiran Gosavi, Witness In Drugs-On-Cruise Case, To Surrender In Lucknow

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Kiran Gosavi, 'Witness' In Drugs-On-Cruise Case, To Surrender In Lucknow

Allegations of bribery have been made against Kiran Gosavi (File)

New Delhi:

Kiran Gosavi, the private investigator whose photos and videos with Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan in the Mumbai cruise ship raids threw up multiple questions, has told NDTV that he will surrender shortly in Lucknow. “I will surrender in Lucknow with half-an-hour,” the man said to be missing and against whom a lookout notice has been posted, told NDTV.

Asked why he was surrendering in Lucknow when the case has been filed in Mumbai, KP Gosavi told NDTV that he feels “threatened” in the city.

A private investigator, KP Gosavi was apparently present during the cruise ship raid and later at the NCB office with Aryan Khan. His selfie and videos with Aryan Khan at both places have fueled questions from Maharashtra’s ruling alliance about the anti-drugs agency’s investigation.

Kiran Gosavi has been called an independent witness by the Narcotics Control Bureau. Now allegations of bribery have been made against him by a man claiming to be his personal bodyguard.

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