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Do you eat with a spoon? Leave this habit and know by hand | 2023

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Do you eat with a spoon? Leave this habit and know by hand

Do you eat with a spoon | Eating foods with hands benefits: In today’s young generation, the trend of eating with fork and spoon has increased a lot. Whatever be the food, they immediately hold the spoon in their hands. But, by eating food with a spoon, you do not get many benefits of eating food with hands.

Yes, eating with hands has been said to be more beneficial than eating with a spoon. If you want your digestive power to be strong, then you should eat with your hands. It is also said that eating food with hands instead of spoon helps in reducing weight. According to Ayurveda, food is digested quickly by eating with hands.

When you eat food with your hands, you eat it with full taste and this gives a different taste to the food. Let us know what are the benefits of eating food with hands instead of spoon.

Benefits of Eating with hands | Do you eat with a spoon

According to a news published in food.ndtv.com, when you eat food with hands, it leads to better exercise of the muscles of the hands. The tradition of eating with hands has been going on for centuries, which today’s generation is forgetting.

However, even today most people prefer to eat with hands. They also feel comfortable in eating in this way.

According to Ayurveda, it is believed that the nerve endings present in the fingertips promote digestion. In fact, when you eat with your hands, you are more aware of the texture, taste and aroma, as you eat using your hands and fingers.

Eating with hands also improves blood circulation. This also exercises the muscles of the fingers and hands, which improves blood circulation. The more you maintain the movement of your hands, the smoother the blood flow will remain.

When you eat rice, pulses, mix vegetables together or cut pieces of bread, then the bones and joints of the fingers also work properly.

There are many types of bacteria or flora in the human body, which are present in places like hands, mouth, throat, intestines and stomach. They protect us from harmful bacteria that grow in the environment. When you eat with your hands, the friendly flora protects our digestive system from exposure to harmful bacteria and stimulates the digestive system.

But, you must clean your hands thoroughly before eating, otherwise harmful germs, bacteria present in hands, nails can also make you ill.

According to a study published in the journal Appetite, when people ate with their hands while reading a newspaper or watching television, they felt less hungry during snack-time and opted for a lighter snack.

The researchers concluded that eating with hands promotes feelings of fullness and satiety compared to eating with cutlery.

Eating with Spoon & Fork | Do you eat with a spoon

According to a study, people eat fast with spoon and fork, which is linked to blood-sugar imbalance in the body. This can further increase the chances of getting type-2 diabetes, so leave the habit of eating with a spoon and eat with hands instead.

When you eat with a spoon, you do not know how hot the food is, and your mouth burns. Actually, on eating hot food with a spoon, the temperature of the spoon also changes, due to which the fork or spoon gets hot. When you eat with your hands, you can always feel how hot the food is.

You eat more slowly with your hands than with a spoon. While eating with hands, you come to know what and how much you have eaten. Overeating is one of the biggest factors of weight gain. Managing food portions plays an important role in controlling weight. In addition, using hands gives you a better and more enjoyable eating experience.

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