How To Make Cheesy Nachos Platter For The Next House Party

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Cheesy Nachos Platter – The weekend is finally here and this time it’s all about fun and food. What makes the next few weekends even more special is that Diwali is right around the corner. There is a festive feeling in the air. That just won’t let us stay calm thinking of all the celebrations and merry-making.

As the world is gradually getting back on track, the chatter around house parties and family functions is on a constant rise. what better time to get together with friends and family for those fun rituals than the weekends, right? If you are hosting one of those Diwali house parties, it’s best to have some quick and delicious snack recipes handy. After all, Diwali is one of those festivals where everyone indulges to their heart’s content without any inhibitions.

Keeping this in mind, we bring for you a quick recipe that is sure to impress all your guests. That is – a Cheesy Nachos Platter to start off the festivities on an indulgent note. The melted warm cheese paired with the spicy tortilla chips makes for a snack. That not a single one of your guests will say no to.

Cheesy Nachos Platter

Nachos are a loved snack by all

What makes cheesy nachos platter, the best snack for your weekend binge or a house party is how easy it is to make. Get a bag of preseason nachos or tortilla chips, drizzle a good amount of cheese, some garnishing, and pop it in the oven. In goes, the dish and what comes out is a platter or warm and crisp nachos. Top up with a spicy seasoning and gooey melty flavourful cheese dripping in every pull.

Want to rev things up a little more? Add shredded chicken or minced mutton keema to add a punch of flavors to the simple dish. If your guests are primarily vegetarian, spice things up with a list of different tantalizing salsa to pair with nachos. The cheesy Nachos are a perfect way to start the celebrations. Add this easy recipe to the list of quick starters to make any time.

How to Make Cheesy Nachos Platter l Cheesy Nachos Recipe:

In an oven-safe dish, line up the nachos and drizzle a handful of cheese and seasoning of your choice, microwave in high for 2-3 minutes, and you are good to go!

Let us know how the cheesy nachos turned out, in the comment below.



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