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Endura Mass Gainer that everyone knows about today. This company started in 1996. This company started making health-related products. From that time till today, it is selling the product. Seeing its result and price, many people are using it today.

It is used by vegetarian people, as this product is 100% veg. Today we are going to tell the complete truth about Endura Mass Weight Gainer, does it increase your weight and what are its benefits, and what are its disadvantages.

Our body growth depends on many things. It depends on your diet, exercise, proper rest, and the environment depends on many things. When we are not able to correct our diet, we try to increase our weight with this product.


Endura Mass

Does Endura Mass increase our weight?

Endura Mass Weight Gainer really increases our weight, as it provides calories to our body according to its height. Our body gets high calories from this product and our weight starts increasing. By taking this, the deficiency of vitamins in your body makes up for the deficiency of all those vitamins and calories.

Best way to use Endura Mass

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Prior to consuming a product, there are some rules to take it. If you are going to take any weight gain product, you should know how to take it. If it’s not taken properly, it is not as effective as it should be.

For some reason, many people start to understand that this product is not working. Today we tell you how to use it, which you can adopt and see its effect on your body.

You can use it twice a day in the beginning after breakfast and dinner. Add 2 bananas in milk and add 2 spoons of Endura Mass. Mix it and drink it. You should never take 3 teaspoons or more. The amount of sugar in it is a bit high which can harm you.

Benefits of taking Endura Mass

There are many benefits of taking Endura Mass Weight Gainer. If uses daily you will get its benefit else you will not get its benefit

  • It increases the stamina of your body. No matter what you do, you do not get tired quickly. You keep on doing your work. If you go to the gym, you can take it. You can do the gym for a long time by using this as your body sap comes very quickly.
  • It increases your weight in a natural way, no steroids or any kind of chemicals are used in it.
  • It uses organic protein. This powder uses soy protein. It is different from other powders.
  • This product is 100% vegetarian. This is for those people who do not eat non-veg.
  • Minimal sugar is used in this product which is very beneficial for your health.
  • When you use this product, the daily calories increases. You are full of energy throughout the day. You never feel lethargic.
    The minerals present in it keep our body healthy and improves mental health.


  • Using Endura Mass in excess will harm you in place of benefiting you.
  • If you use this product for a long time, you may face problems related to married life. Soy protein used in it and consuming it for a long time increases the amount of estrogen. That can lead to problems like premature ejaculation, sleeplessness, and loss of desire start coming.
  • If you consume for a long time, you start facing the problem of hormone imbalance. In this, you may have to face problems like haste, and stress.
  • It can affect our liver.
  • Glycemic Index Goes To High Level.
  • Minerals are not in sufficient quantity in this product. They can nourish our bones. Its prolonged use reduces the density of our bones. This can break our bones under less pressure.
  • People who are suffering from diabetes should not use this product as the amount of sugar is found in it.
  • Using this product will increase your fat. You should run daily or you should go to the gym.

How To Get Endura Mass Products

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Endura Mass products are widely available in the market and online shopping.

Click on the below link to buy this product from amazon.


Remember this is a supplement, not a food. You should take care of your diet with Endura Mass. It gives an excellent result. You can gain 3 kg in 2 weeks.

Below are some of the frequent ask questions (FAQ) on Endura Mass :

  • Does it build muscles?

Yes, It maintains and builds your muscle mass. It includes proteins, nutrients, vitamins, Calcium, and Iron. These help in the growth and maintenance of body muscles.

  • What Does It Contain?

100 g of Endura Mass contains (approx.)
Calories  – 416 kcal
Carbohydrate –  79 g
Protein – 15 g
Crude Fat – 4.5 g

  • Who Can use this product?

Endura Mass is safe for males and females of 11 years or more. You can start feeling the difference in 3 weeks with regular use. For a good physique, it is recommended to do regular exercise.

  • What are the benefits Of Endura Mass Banana Flavor?

This is a balanced supplement. It contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins. It gives vital nutrients and energy to the body for gaining weight.

  • Which fruits will help in gaining weight?

The fruits help in gaining weight are Bananas, Avocados, Coconut, and Mango. These fruits contain natural minerals and vitamins.

Disclaimer :

If you are eating and drinking this product and your weight is not increasing. Its time to take the advice of a doctor. If your weight increases rapidly, consume the product in limited quantity.

You should keep in mind that you should never consume it for a long time. It can cause damage to your body. We do not claim responsibility for this information.

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Reference: https://ktblogs.online/endura-mass/




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