Buy Best Baby Books : Tips and recommendations for newborn

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Buy Best Baby Books FOR 0-6-Month-Old Babies

This blog is on Buy Best Baby Books for newborn to 6 months old babies. All the books which I recommend here are for babies who are newborn to 6 months.

The baby books which I am sharing are for infants. This is when the baby form & when the baby may be sitting up and crawling. I want to talk about when to start reading and how to read books. Which Books are best for babies? What are the different types of books that you can introduce to your child at this stage?

If you are a book lover ensure you get lots of ideas from this. If you are new to reading. Looking for recommendations, then this is the right place for you.

This blog pack with Buy Best Baby Books recommendations. I have a huge pile of books and I am sharing all the links to these books.

Buy Best Baby Books
Buy Best Baby Books

Buy Best Baby Books for Babies OF new parents

Let’s go ahead and get started. Start reading these baby books to your child as early as you want. These are Buy Best Baby Books for babies of new parents. You can start the day they were born or even before you can read to your child in the womb.

You can show them a picture book for a few moments In the beginning when there is no set routine. When there is a lot to read, a few pages to them will bring a smile to your little one. That’s how you can begin. These are the Best Baby Books for first-time parents, it help them to make their time full of joy with their babies.

When schedule forms, then you can have a routine set. Baby loves listening to you before bedtime, after a massage, or after breakfast. It’s up to you, whenever it is convenient to you. You will find that babies are more alert and they are more inquisitive about things during a time in a day. That’s when you can bring out these books.

There are several books available for the baby. We are giving our best recommendations. Baby will learn new things from these baby books. They will enjoy the company of their parent when they are reading these books.


Below are some of Buy Best Baby Books for babies who are 0-6 months old.

Buy Best Baby Books: Sock And Shoe(High Contrast Books) by Frida Bing

Buy Best Baby Books

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4.3 rating out of 5 on Amazon India (24 Reviews)

The first book is Sock and Shoe (High Contrast Books) which have black and white pictures. These high-contrast baby books are best to begin with newborn or infant. They have big pictures with not a lot of detail in them. It’s easier for them to focus.

All these books do is bring baby attention to the pictures. You can show few pictures to them at the very beginning stages. It will be cute to see them kind of put their attention on something. Sometimes they even smile at it, which is very nice.

Buy Best Baby Books: The very hungry Caterpillar Book

The very hungry Caterpillar Books

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4.7 rating out of 5 on Amazon India (18652 Reviews)

Other book I recommend is The very hungry Caterpillar Book. This is like children’s classics for many decades now. It’s got bright pictures that capture a child’s attention. As it grows with the child’s as they are getting older.

They can associate words with pictures. As they are getting even older they will learn to count or learn the colors with these books. As baby grows old, they love using these baby books.

Buy Best Baby Books: Baby Faces Smiles Book By Scholastic

The Best Baby Books

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4.7 rating out of 5 on Amazon India (578 Reviews)

The next book which is on the list is great. It’s a series of books. This is Baby Faces Smiles Book By Scholastic. They have cute pictures of little babies smiling.

Baby Books are a good investment for babies. These are better than toys. Other thing that babies do when they are newborns is to make eye contact. They learn a lot through it. That’s why doctors recommend looking at your child face to face.

Talking to them, smiling at them will make baby happy and active. These kinds of one-on-one interactions with children will make them happy.

My family and friends Album Book

Baby's my first photo album

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Along the same lines, you can have the next book which is a photo album with pictures. This is My family and friend’s Album Book. Have your baby look at them. This is good if you don’t live close to family.

You want a child to have a kind of relationship with them. You can add pictures as the baby grows up. He will start recognizing new faces. You can see their reactions for a look at certain persons. This is something that we can grow along with.

Find an Empty album put some pictures and it and show it is to the baby. In the end, it has a Mirror on it which is great. Get pictures from magazines or any attractive thing which you find and put them in the album.

Oh, the thinks you can think books

The Best Baby Books

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4.8 rating Out of 5 on Amazon India (5415 Reviews)

The other book which your newborn may like is “Oh, the thinks you can think books” by Dr. Seuss. These books have very beautiful illustrations with very bright and colorful. Pictures don’t mean much to babies at that stage. They love listening to you. When you read the book, baby will look at your expressions.

Books are very repetitive. They’ve got or sentences on them that you can sing to your baby. Every time you read this page you going to see the same thing right. Babies make a connection between words and their meanings. This is a start to the development of their vocabulary.

First Hundred Words By Pretty Baby

First Hundred Words

Buy On Amazon

4.6 rating Out of 5 on Amazon India (27718 Reviews)

Other types of books that bring a smile to the baby are picture Books. Books have real pictures in them of everyday things. For this, you can go with First Hundred Words By Pretty Baby.

In fact, all books by Pretty Baby are good. They have pretty good pictures of daily things to which your baby will relate. This will help the baby to learn new things with pictures.

The First Words By DK

The First Words By DK

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4.8 rating Out of 5 on Amazon India (143 Reviews)

Other books which will help to learn things are The First Words By DK. DK books are also good at this stage. They have pictures of things that the baby looks in their daily routine. They form an Association with pictures.

When you show the baby the pictures of milk in a bottle, they connect their bottle with the picture. This is a very interesting game for babies. These are great books for babies.

Buy Best Baby Books: Where Is Baby’s Belly Button By Karen Katz

Where is Baby's Belly Button By Karen Katz

Buy On Amazon

4.5 rating Out of 5 on Amazon India (9412 Reviews)

Our next book in the list is Where is Baby’s Belly Button By Karen Katz. It is a do thing book like a lift-the-flap book, speaks Boo books, and books that you push buttons on. All these are good surprises for them.

All books are cute with nice pictures of babies. You have to point to their different body parts. This is fun for us to do as well. As the baby grows up they can make it again they can name the body parts like the mouth and the kind of make sense of the book.

This is good to have from the beginning. As the baby gets older, they get to learn more from each of these books.

Buy Best Baby Books: Dear Zoo by Kod Campbell

Dear Zoo

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4.6 rating Out of 5 on Amazon India (19934 Reviews)

We have Dear Zoo by Kod Campbell next on our list. It is big children’s classic. It has been there for 50 years. Again as a simple book with lift the flaps. It’s got cute animal pictures.

This is good as you can make animal sounds. It will give more fun to your babies with a smile on your face.

Buy Best Baby Books: Peek A Who By Nina Laden

Peek A Who

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4.8 rating Out of 5 on Amazon India (8274 Reviews)

The next book on our list is Peek A Who By Nina Laden. It is other favorite of past time for babies. This book is a fun little work with little cut-out Windows with very bright illustrations.

They are eye-catching to the newborn. This Baby Book contains different pictures for which you can make different sounds.

Buy Best Baby Books: Infant’s First Learning Method

Baby Books are the infant’s first learning method or school. These baby books help them and learn things for the first time. Some of these books may seem advanced for a newborn. As they keep seeing the same books over and over again and listening to you say the same words. They make those connections in their brain again.

That is a great start for the development of their vocabulary & expressions. Never underestimate the power of books.

These Baby Books made out to be serious business in our society. Like for education and learning and that’s all true.

The way I look at Baby Books is as a source of entertainment, as a source of joy as enjoyment right.

New parents want their baby to have that kind of a relationship with books. Don’t bother if your baby is not responding to these pictures. Some children react fast to other children.





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