What are different Types Of Best Computer System – India 2021?

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Best Computer


In today’s world, an adult to a child knows about the computer and best computer is available around the world. Computers are an important aspect of our modern life. All major work are done on computers.

We are dependent on computers for our daily life. Our dependency on computers is increasing. New technologies are invented to ease our work. The computers doing lots of tasks easily.

 All the computers of our world not the same. They differ in their designs, features, and functionality. It all depends on the nature of the work that needs to do.

Computers developed based on the nature of the job. There are different types of work that’s done by computers.

One computer or a single type of computer doing the entire task is not a good option. With the advancement of science and technology, we need different types of computers.  

In this article, we are going to explore different types of computers. They categorized based on Data Handling Capacity and Size or Functionality of work.




Best Computer


A computer is a well-programmed machine. It responds and executes a list of instructions with storing a large amount of data.

The computer can process complex and repetitive instructions faster. It will process the data in a reliable way. All modern-day best computer are electronic and digital.

The two major parts of computers are Hardware and Software. The hardware consists of machinery. It includes wires, transistors and circuits.

The instructions and data are all software. Computers process general types of work.

They need below mentioned parts:

•        Central Processing Unit (CPU): It is the heart of the computer. It executes instructions and data which are set in the software.

•        Memory: It gives power to process, send and store data.

•        Storage Device: It allows the computer to store large amounts of data and programs. Common storage devices include disk drives and tape drives.

•        Input Device: The input device is the mediator through which we entered data. We give instructions through input devices.

•        Output Device: Output devices are those devices through which we see our results. It includes Display Screen, Printer. Many other parts make it possible for the Computers to work together.

Computer need a Bus. It transmits data from one part to the other.


We discuss types of computers that are used nowadays. Computers categorized on below basis:

  • Based on Data Handling Capacity
  • Based on Size or Functionality of Work

We will explain different types of computers based on the above-mentioned categories.




There are three types of computers based on Data Handling Capacity.

  • Analogue Computer
  • Digital Computer
  • Hybrid Computer



These types of computers designed to process analogue data. An Analogue data are those data that changes. They don’t have discrete values.

These computers used for such task where we don’t need exact values to process data. Like temperature, pressure, speed etc.

An Analogue Computer took data from the measuring unit. They don’t convert data into numbers & codes. It measures the changes in physical quantity and sends output data to read on dial or scale.

Examples of Analog Computer in our daily life are

1. Thermometer

2. Speedometer

3. Analogue Clock

4. Voltmeter

5. Flight Simulators

6. Seismometer

7. Tide Predictors


Types of Analogue Computer


  • Mechanical Analogue Computers
  • Castle Clock
  • Electronic Analogue Computers
  • Differential Analyzers
  • Slide Rules


Advantages Of Using Analogue Computers:


  • It gives real-time computing and operations. Representation of data within the scope of analog machines.
  • Some applications allow performing operations without the help of transducers. It converts the inputs or outputs to digital or electronic form and vice versa.
  • The Computer programmer can measure the problem for their dynamic range. It gives insight into the problem and understands errors and their implications.



Digital computers designed to process logic and calculations. They based work at a high speed. It took raw data from the input devices. This is in form of digits or binary numbers 0 & 1. It process with the programs stored in the memory to give output.

All modern-day computers are the example of digital computers. Desktop, Laptop, Palmtop, smart phones are examples of digital computers. We use all these computers at our office or home.


Advantages of Digital Computers:


  • Digital computers allow you to add new features to the programs
  • Digital computers store large amounts of data and information. You can retrieve data on demand.
  • We can use different applications in digital computers even without changing any hardware.
  • The cost of hardware is less in comparison to other types of computers.
  • Digital data processed which gives us high speed.
  • Digital computers are reliable.
  • The result’s reproducibility is higher. As it is not affected by the outside environment.


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Hybrid computers are computers that have the feature of analog and digital computers. It works fast. It’s like an Analogue Computer. Memory and results in accuracy like Digital Computers.

Hybrid Computer receives analog signals. Converting signal in digital form. Hybrid Computers used in specialized works.

Examples of Hybrid computers are:

Processors in Petrol pumps convert the measurement of fuel into quantity and price.

Hybrid Computers used in Airplanes, Scientific Applications, and Hospitals Industry.


Advantages of Hybrid Computers:


  • The computing speed of Hybrid computers is very fast.
  • It gives quick and accurate results.
  • Hybrid Computers can solve and manage big equations in real-time.
  • It helps in processing data online and in real-time.


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Computers can be categorized on the basis of the size or functionality of work.  


Supercomputers are those computers that are big in size and run very fast. They designed in such a way that they process a huge amount of information. It can process trillions of instructions per second. Supercomputers have thousands of processors which interconnect.

Supercomputers used for scientific and engineering works. Work like weather forecasting, nuclear energy research, and scientific simulations. First supercomputer invented by Roger Cray in 1976.

The supercomputer is a powerful computer. It can process a huge amount of data and do computation very fast.

Supercomputers are the fastest and very expensive. A supercomputer can process ten trillion individual calculations per second. Applications involving huge databases and computations are used for supercomputers.

Supercomputers specialize in the below field:

  • Education
  • Science
  • Defense
  • Engineering
  • Aerospace

Below are the fields where supercomputers were used :

  • Scientific simulation
  • Climate research
  • Quantum mechanics
  • Weather forecasting
  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Cryptanalysis


Characteristics or Applications Of Supercomputers:


  • Supercomputers can decrypt passwords to protect for security reasons.
  • They used in medical tests. They used for nuclear weapons.
  • It gives better results in animations.
  • Supercomputers are helpful in designing flight simulators for  the pilots
  • It is useful in extracting data from Cloud System or data storage centers.
  • It’s used in managing online currency like Stock Market & Bitcoin.
  • It is helpful in studying and understanding weather forecasts and climate change.
  • Supercomputers used in the treatment of critical disease. Giving good results in brain injuries, strokes, etc.
  • It is useful in scientific research work. Exploring solar system, movement of Planets and Satellites.
  • Supercomputers are helpful in controlling and analyzing smog. It controls other pollutants in the atmosphere.



The Mainframe computer support multi-users at the same time. They give support to multi programs. The multi-instruction process at the same time.

These features make Mainframe computers to use in big organizations. The banking and Telecom sectors are such examples where they need to process a high volume of data.

These computers are of high capacity and they are very costlier. They are helpful in big organizations. Users process data together.

Mainframe Computers used in:

  • Institutions
  • Academics
  • Research
  • Libraries
  • Health care
  • Financial Institutions
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Stock Brokerage Firms
  • Large Businesses


Mainframe Computers used in tasks related to:

  • Industry and consumer statistics
  • Census taking
  • E-business & E-commerce
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Transaction processing


Characteristics of Mainframe Computers:


  • The life span of a Mainframe computer is very long. They are operational up to 50 years after proper installation.
  • Mainframe Computers give better results with large-scale memory management.
  • Process a huge amount of information. Millions of transactions in a second in the banking sector.
  • Share its workload to other terminals or processors.
  • Mainframe Computers can protect stored data and other ongoing processes.
  • Chance of errors in process are less. Fix all errors without affecting performance.



Mini frame or Minicomputer is a midsize multi-tasking computer. It is between Mainframe and Microcomputer.

These computers used in various institutes and departments. Accounting, Billing, and Inventory Management tasks are being carried out. Minicomputers are smaller to Mainframes in size. It’s larger to microcomputer. It’s used by small organizations.

A Mainframe Computer is intermediate in size, power, speed, storage capacity. It is between a mainframe and a microcomputer.

The term “Minicomputer” is now no longer in use. Minicomputers termed as small servers. A server is a central computer that gives information to other computers.


Characteristics of Mini Frame or Minicomputer:


  • Light in weight which makes it easy to carry anywhere.
  • Its less expensive compare to Mainframe Computers.
  • The speed of computer is fast.
  • Charge for longer duration.


Applications of Minicomputers:

These used to perform three main functions which are as follows:

  • Process Control:

Minicomputers used to control process functions. Specially in manufacturing units. Its major role is to collect data and give feedback. If there is an error in the process, it’s detected by the microcomputer and adjustments done.

  • Data Management:

This is a brilliant device for small organizations to collect data, store and share it. Hotels and Hospitals are prime examples. They maintain records of their customer and patients.

  • Communications Portal:

Minicomputers work as communication devices in bigger systems. They serve as a mediator between operator and central processor.



Single User Computers which designed to do technical or scientific operations. These computers are Workstation. Workstations have a large amount of RAM, high-speed graphics, and a fast processor.

They do specialized jobs in a specific field with great expertise.

Examples of different Workstations are Graphic Workstation, Engineering Design Workstation, and Music Workstation.

These category computers are expensive and high-end computers. They made for complex work.


Characteristics of Workstation Computer:

  • They have higher storage capacity and better graphics.
  • It is powerful to Personal Computer.
  • Performances of these computers are higher and they designed for a single user.
  • They used for business or professional use.
  • Workstations handle Data Analysis, CAD, Animations, Audio & Video editing.


Features of Workstation:

  • Many Processor Cores: It has multi-processor cores to simple computers.
  • ECC RAM: It has Error-correcting code memory that can fix memory errors.
  • RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks): It refers to many internal hard drives. These drives store and process data. RAID is of different types.
  • SSD: These are hard drives. They are better to conventional hard-disk drives. The chances of physical failure are very less in these drives.
  • Optimized, Higher end GPU: GPU reduces the load on CPU. It helps the CPU to reduce the load work.




Microcomputers are known as Personal Computers. These are general-purpose computers. They designed to do work for single users. They have a Central Processing Unit (Microprocessor), Storage, Memory, Input & Output Unit.

Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, or wearable are some of the examples.

They are more suited to do personal work. It can be making an assignment, Office work, surfing the Internet, or watching a movie.

Microcomputers use a single-chip microprocessor to process data in their Central Processing Unit.


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Types Of Personal Computers


Desktop Computer 


A desktop is a personal computer that is designed to fits at one location or under a desk. It has a Screen, keyboard, mouse, and a tower (system unit) as major components. This is a low-capacity computer designed for single use.

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Laptop Computer (or Notebook)

It is a Portable Personal Computer. It is small in size that it can rest on a user’s lap. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery. It has a flip-down screen, keyboard with a touch pad. It is very handy and can carry anywhere.


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Apple Macintosh (Mac)

It is a type of personal computer manufactured by Apple Company.

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Touch Screen PC with wireless facility. It’s compact in size and weight. It is a small form of a laptop.

With advancement of modern technology, pocket-size computers are on a demand.  Tablets and Smartphones are the best examples of such computers.

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A mobile phone that does the functions of a personal computer.

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Characteristics of a Microcomputer:


  • These are the smallest in size.
  • They are designed for personal work and applications.
  • They are operated by a single user at a time.
  • The limited number of the software used in Personal Computer.
  • These computers are less expensive and easy to use.
  • Users do not need any special skills or training to use these computers.
  • It comes with a semiconductor chip.
  • These computers can do multitask like printing, scanning, watching videos, browsing, etc.



From the above discussion, we can say that the computer is evolving with the passage of time. It starts its journey as the Mechanical computer in 1882. It’s developed with the invention of modern technologies.

With new technology around, modern-day computers are more personal and sophisticated. Mainframe computers give more performance and memory with high security.

Now, Computer Industry is growing as all the major works shifted Online. With the Corona effect going on, major companies opting for work from home policy.

As the Pandemic is going on, all the major government work is now online. Major money transactions are now online transactions. Cash was used for all monetary transactions. Now, The government promoting online transactions.

We know that Computer Industry evolving. New technologies hitting the market frequently. It gives more boosts to this industry.


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