Creating crash detection feature for Apple Watch and iPhone

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Apple Watch Fall Detection

Apple Watch fall detection system has saved many lives from near-fatal accidents.

Crash detection feature of Apple Watch will use accelerometer to detect G-forces of effect.


Apple added fall detection for Apple Watch a few years ago. This allow users to inform family members and medical services that they had made a mistake. They drop a SOS call or message.

It is using its expertise in cutting data from innumerable sensors on Apple Watch and iPhone. Apple is working on a “crash detection” feature. It will inform emergency services that you are in a car accident. According to the Wall Street Journal, the feature will launch in 2022.

Many automakers such as GM’s OnStar, FCA’s UConnect, or Subaru’s Starlink already offer such functionality. But it can be democratised with its presence in iPhone. Apple can combine this feature with its Iron heart project.

This attempts to bring more main vehicle functions through car play. It makes it a full-stack interface for the car, not just a phone beaming mechanism like a car.


Apple will use data from sensors such as accelerometer and gyroscope on the iPhone. It detect g-forces of impact and based on that, it will automatically dial emergency services. Apple has been working on this feature for some time. It is tuning the system with anonymous iPhones and Apple Watches.

It has detected more than 10 million suspected vehicle impacts, of which 50,000 actually call 911. Already, on Apple Watch, the fall detection system has saved many lives from near-fatal accidents.


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